Marilyn Manson

Led Zeppelin
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What do you think of him?

Personaly I reckon hes just Alice |Cooper cept without the music.
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Kirk Hammett is God
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I love his music. He's a little screwed up in the head, though.
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I'm not too big a fan of his music, nothing really special about it to me.
He does have an excellent way of selling his music by using the shock-effect. Nice marketing trick.

I saw him live once(at a festival, I didn't pay to see them exclusively), and I have to say I was surprised. He's one hell of a performer, not only putting up a show that doesn't bore you after 2 minutes, but also doing a good job at singing.(I'll leave it up to you to decide if his vocals can be described as singing)

Greetz, TK
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James Hetfield Is Jesus
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His music is kinda cool, he puts on a great show live.
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