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I was just wondering if it would mess anything up if I ran a bass through my guitars wah wah? It sounds cool but I'm just wondering if it'll mess with the tone/circuitry of the pedal.
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I'm not an expert on this, but I don't see how it could hurt a wah pedal to run a bass through it....
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I would agree that running a bass through a wah won't hurt the pedal....

What would hurt, however, is running the bass into a guitar amp. While you can get away with it at very low volumes, a guitar amp is not designed to the frequencies a bass guitar produces, and you could damage a guitar amp when using a bass guitar at moderate to high volume.

They do make wah pedals that are specifically designed for the low end frequency response of a bass, but if you like the way you guitar wah sounds, I'd keep plugging away.
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