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So, I need an Amp that works very well for concerts (in clubs for 200-300 people, but it should work in bigger locations too, for the future)

And it should have a similar riff and solo sound like for example Andreas Kisser, or Marc Rizzo from Soulfly. But it doesn´t have to be the same amp.
The maximum I would spend, is about 800-900 dollars, but I´d prefer it cheaper, of course.

So maybe you can give me some recommendations about good amps in this price class.

I´d also be interested in some good guitars with this kind of sound.
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I don't really know what kind of sound that is, but as far as size, I'd say a good half stack would do it. but, I'd try to get something with a line out on it, so that if you need to, you can plug into the PA just in case the amp isn't loud enough.

I had a 100w fender 2x12" and it was loud! I played gigs for about 40-50 people with the volume at about 2 1/2. of course, 7 wasn't very much louder then 3, 3 was about 5 times as loud as 2. I think a good 100-200w half stack would do it for you.
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