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Randy Tennant
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Randy Tennant
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Joined: 11/07/06
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11/07/2006 7:26 pm
The way Hendrix played that solo part when it goes "oh say does that star spangled banner la la la" has nothing to do with, marshall or equipment, it can be played on a acoustic although it took me 5 years to learn how to play it just right but here is how it is played....

These are all played on the 2nd to bottom string, I use both bottom strings
instead of just the one, I can only write the tab on as 'one string'

Pre-ending solo "O' Say Does That Star Spangled, Banner Yet Wave":

Plain way: 0 5 5 5 4 2 2 2 7 10 9 7 5 5-4
Hendrix Way: 0 5 5 5 4 2 2 222-444-555-777-999-101010-9-101010-999-777-555-4-555~~~4~~~

"For The Land And Of The Free":

Plain Way: 00 5 7 9 10 12
Hendrix Way: 00 5 7-9 10-12~~

"And The Home Of The Brave"

Plain way: 0 2 4-5 2 0~
Hendrix Way: 0 2 4 5-4-5-4 2-4-2-4 0~~

This is EXACTLY IT 100% me a few years to get it right since I couldnt find the right tablature for it... if your not playing it right or if it doesnt sound right e-mail me and ill tell you how to play it right!
I have perfected this song over the years and play it as perfect if not better than it can get, this is the most accurate tab for that solo you will find anywhere because I cant find the tab for that particular solo and the ones I did find arent as accurate as mine, but has nothing to do with a Marshall or kind of guitar you have, yes a wammy bar will make it sound more beautiful but you can play it like this without it! even with an acoustic. But there is a lot of wammy bar mixed into and remember that is all played on one string I use both bottom strings for those solos, I had to write the tab down on just one string since I cant write tab for two different strings. So you have the tablature now, but perfecting it is challenging... GOOD LUCK!!!
It will take a little bit of wammy and this and that to make it sound PERFECT and the EXACT same way Hendrix did it!