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Im thinkin of getting a warmoth strat and was wonderin how it felt compared to an actual fender? Is the quality the same?
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Ian Rossiter
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I built a Warmoth Tele 5 yrs ago; Ash,Blonde finish,Maple/Maple neck,compound radius,6105 frets, satin finish,FatBack neck.
The parts were constructed wonderfully; good finish, cut and fit. The neck pocket and neck fit so snug you almost didn't have to put the screws in!!! When put together, it resonates and sustains wonderfully, and that Ash body just twangs. The neck hasn't moved in years, even with winter temps of -45c and colder up here. The frets are well seated too.It's just solid.
There were however a few things during the assembly that warrant a mention. The neck pup cavity was routed too small and wouldn't accept a modern Tele neck pup,had to be routed . The control cavity as well needed a bit of a route to accomadate the control plate. Warmoth assured me that it was an oversight,and apologised.
Other than that, my Warmoth Tele is a fine guitar. The company was very easy to deal with too.
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I've been flirting with the idea of a Warmoth build... mine would be a Les Paul Carved top... I have built many Strats using Fender parts... and all the Strats that I've built play just as good if not better than most Fenders. I have heard great things about the quality of the Warmoth parts, and they look amazing as well. I would say go for it. If you don't like finished produst then atleast you have another guitar...
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pHj33r my v1r1l17y
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i played a Tele that was made of warmoth parts and professionally built/set up; it was extremely nice, felt easily on par with a Custom Shop tele.

i have a Warmoth pickguard on my Strat, it's nice :D
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Ian Rossiter
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Ever play one of their "Fatback" necks?? Mine is an inch thick all the way down from the nut to the heel. The only neck I've found thats bigger is the Danny Gatton Telecaster Neck that's based on his 53' Tele. Man is it comfy!!! You wouldn't think so but, I get less hand fatigue after 3 sets than with a thin neck. A real Louisville slugger.
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