My use for my old RP-80

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I have since graduated from my first multi-effects processor, the DigiTech RP80. I moved on to bigger things 2 years ago when I purchased a GNX2... Since then I've become bored with it and went on to bigger and better things with a Boss GT-8. A friend called me up one day asking to borrow my GT-8 in the studio because he was going to experiment with his GT-8 ran into mine then into ProTools. So I reluctantly agreed... This left me with my trusty GNX2 which I love to pieces to this day... I got bored of my old presets and started making more sophisticated ones... then I the lightbulb went on. Why not see how my RP-80 works in conjunction with my GNX2. So I ran the line out of my GNX2 into my RP-80 then into my amp. At first, it was just a big cluster f*** of sound. Then I started dialing it in. I turned the amp modeling off on the RP and leveled the EQ. I only use two channels at the most on it becuase most of my main amp models and effects are in my GNX... HOWEVER... I came to use my RP as somewhat of a glorified overdrive/chorus/flanger/delay/tuner/distortion/wah/volume/prettymuchanythingyoucanthinkof pedal. I can bypass it by tapping both buttons at the same time. Use the pedal to control overdrive or delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb and all that. But the best thing of all.... is the use of the compressor. I dial the compressor up in conjuction with a load of compression on the GNX and I have endless sustain....... I mean endless. I have my Boss back and I'm back to using it... but my experimentation has uncovered a lot of tonal options. So the reason for this thread is to tell all you out there to never stop searching for tone... it can be hiding in the most unthinkable place... yes, even in an old RP-80. Anyone else have any wierd stories or weird combinations of pedals that give them a cool tone or effect???
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I've done similar things myself. One thing I found that sounded pretty good was turning the gain down a bit on a Metal Zone and then boosting it with a MXR ZW overdrive. The distortion was cleaner and tighter.
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I myself upgraded from the RP-80 straight up the the Boss GT-8! :)

I still have my RP-80 sitting here in it's case not doing anything. When hooking it up to the 8, did you just come out the 'Mono' left output into the RP-80? Or did you figure out a way to run the RP-80 through the effects loop of the 8?

Man, I love these toys! :D
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Haha. I love toys too. I actually went from my output of the RP to my GNX2 input... then out to my amp. so my chain would be guitar>RP-80>GNX2>amp. I have just recently been hooking my GNX up to my GT-8. It works great.
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