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High Bandwidth
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High Bandwidth
Joined: 04/12/01
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04/27/2001 8:50 pm
Originally posted by Impaler
Does anyone know any good excercises for beginners?
If someone knows please reply this thread or mail me!


The first thing i would recomend is a good guitar,
Teacher to get you started.
About exercises i alwasy start my students out with,
a tune on a single string .
This way they can learn plus i can help them with,
thier left hand control ,plus right hand picking.
Remember the teacher can spot incorrect fingering,
plus how to hold the pick.
Its not so boreing when you get to play a tune right off,
when you first start learning.
Also i teach them how to tune thier guitar in the first,
lesson.Really to a beginner tuning your guitar is a,
excercise. In a single string exercise you can learn,
down-strokes plus up-strokes before we go on to ,
chords and those boreing scales that we have to learn.

yours truly Mark Toman