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06/15/2005 3:33 am
this is my first time, and i'm kinda shy about my songs, like no one has ever heared them...but this is a start for me i guess, i dn just wut do u think?
great...i'm gonna have to fix a few words....haha


i've been searchin
i've been searchin for you
i'm come all this way
i've traveled far

I wipe you tear
from you soakin cheek
and now i'm here
so just F***in listen to me

ya ya, just listen to me
ya, ya, your gonna listen to me

i've climbed through every mountain
just to see your face
i've passed through every city
through the human race
i've crossed every ocean
just to be with you
and now i'm here
from the sky's blue
ya i'm here
just starin at you

ya ya, i'm starin at you
ya, ya, just infront of you

a word from the wise
travelers that i met
don't ever let go
of those things you might forget
there's no lookin back
no turning around
and shut the hell up
so just f***ing sit down

ya ya, i said sit the f*** down
ya, ya, i say f***in sit down


ya ya, i'm starin at you
ya, ya and now i think

was it worth it
did i really want this
i now remember the pain
that you put me through
i came all this way
just to say to ur face
i'm over you
now i'm breakin away

ya ya, i'm breakin away
ya, ya, i'm leavin today
[FONT=Verdana]coolest person ever![/FONT] :eek: