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Okay, I have a little rant, because i'm ticked off.
I live by the Shenandoah River (well not exactly by it, but about 3 minutes away). So today I was like, hmm, I'm going to go swim in the river. Well, all river property is private pretty much. Except Watermelon Park, which cost 10 dollars just to hang out there for a while. Or if your feeling daring go under the bridge at the place where they put boats in. I never go there for fear of stepping on stuff people litter. So I figure, well I'll just park in the grass, and hope not to bother anyone. Well, lucky me these out of town people come, and tell me pretty much to leave. "Your presence would disturb us." I just get my stuff and leave. Its not like I was drinking beer and doing drugs, and carrying on (not to say I haven't done that by the river before). I was just swimming, and hoping not to get bit by a snake or step on a fish hook or anything sharp.

It just seems really ridiculous that being a local kid, that I can't even swim in the river without a 10 dollar fee, or risk having the police called on me for trespassing. I mean at the ocean, atleast you can go to a public access or whatever. I don't even know if you can buy a beach lot that exclusively belongs to you. Basically as joni mitchell put it with the "tree museum" line.

All I can say is stupid white man, and his view of property. If only we had the philosophy to some extent of the Native Americans. Atleast then, me and friends could go down to river and enjoy ourselves.



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That sucks !!!
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Iholly, I completely agree with you. I also notice you're into Taoism (dow-ism for all you non-hip folk). That's very cool and wonderful set of principles to live by. Might I suggest reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, I believe it would be right up your alley.

Sorry about you not getting to swim, that sucks.

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wot's taoism or dow-ism? never heard o that!
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