The Most Fun You've Had at a Gig

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I just had a blast the other night. I was playing with a friend's band for their last show in the area (Mike,the lead figure in the band is moving to Texas soon). Well anyway, we weren't worried about being booked again, so we just had a great time. I had my wireless out, so I was running around the bar, out into the street... around the building and in the other door...

We all rocked the place pretty good, and had a great time. And I think most of the people there did too. You guys got any good stories?
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Martin Spaans
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One of our first gigs was a party, there were not very much people so we waited a while before playing, also we were a little nervous. There were a lot of older people so we asked ourselves if our music was not to loud for them.
But when we started the oldies went to the dancefloor and started dancing, very inspiring for the rest of the evening.
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