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ok ok im in a rush here.

heres the deal: i got a school project. (why do i have a project due in the last week of school?!) and for it, I (like all young, eager to rock n roll guitarists) decided to create my own version of "fat bottomed girls" by queen.

the only problem is that my good computer (im on the old one) that had all the recording equitment on it broke. so i cant layer on the different parts.

so i havta do it the old fashioned way. (i.e. tape recorder out of my mixer)
but i also am the only one who can do this so i need a backing track for it.

the only prob (well i guess this is the second prob) is that i cant find one.
ive looked thru several sites now. had to create like 4 new accounts... :mad:

so im looking to the best.... can ANYONE find this?!

thank you!
JK :cool:

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[font=trebuchet ms]If you have the CD, don't waste time searching for a backing track. Just record the track off the CD in mono to one tape track and go from there. When you've got enough of your own stuff on the tape, you can record over the original, using your new stuff to keep in time.[/font]
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For all of your backing track needs, go HERE
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