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Working with a band out of Dallas and several old tunes involving slide applications have come up (Walsh, Floyd, ZZ). Using a small chrome pinky slide. I'm pretty good with control (even on low action axe set-ups), but have to make drastic changes (go to neck pickup and a "excessive" pedal board switch) to nail the tone.

Without dropping a hundi on slides, would I achieve a more accessible sound by using another slide material? (glass, copper, bronze, wood).
Does wood slide? Wait.........forget I asked that.
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Ian Rossiter
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Try a Porceline slide, nice even tone. It isn't a fragile as glass, but sounds fuller than chrome. Dunlop makes a bunch of models. For Lap Steel, I use a neat Shubb Bar that is steel but with a Rosewood grip, feels and handles awesome.
Perhaps dropping the Pick could help too. Lots of slide players go bare fingered and the tone is MUCH fuller. Also, you can use the other right hand fingers to mute any strings you're not using. Ben Harper comes to mind, he has a MONSTER tone.
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i myself like the robert johndson signiture slide.i thinks it brass or copper i dont remember but its give a warm sound in my opinion
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