Cinco De Mayo

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Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone (except for those of you whom I really just don't like). I wish I was a Mexican today, but all the rest of the days that would be bad. So no. Anyways, hope you all are sipping on corona or tequilla... or atleast you know its the freaking holiday. Love you all!

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Huzzah for Mayo! and Cinco!
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You rock my pants off Jolly haha. WOO! :eek: Woot I mean.

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I had a really fun time celebrating with some friends. I bought a pinata from Kmart and named it Piper. We went to TGI Fridays, where I had to hold on to it for dear life because to of my friends told our waitress to take it from me. Than after droping it on a main road at 11:30 at night and driving around it for a bit, and taking pictures, we went to a local high school where we drove over it......more than a few times. Than I climed up on the school and jumped off it, just for fun.
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Who or what is cinco de mayo? The day mayo got into a cinq?
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it was all work and no play for me yesterday :mad: But, I'll make up for it this weekend, I promise.

BTW, why the hell do they celibrate the 5th of May anyway? Do you think they just decided, "hey, it's the 5th of May, let's throw a party"? If that's the case I'm throwing a Seis de Mayo AND a Siete de Mayo party!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY SCHMANGE DAY!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! :D
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Wednesday of last week was Administrative assistance day. My boss bought me food in celebration of my awesomeness. But that's a whole different topic.
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HAPPY SEIS DE MAYO!!!!!!! ................feliz?
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Originally Posted by: kingdavidWho or what is cinco de mayo? The day mayo got into a cinq?

Its the day when the Mexicans defeated the French (it was during the U.S. Civil War.) The amazing thing about it is that the French had an army double the size of the Mexicans. The Mexicans retreated at first, but the French followed. After following the French were slaughtered.

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Mexicans are crazy. You know Pedro's cousins from Napoleon Dynamite, I would not want to mess with them.
And all those jokes about them mowing lawns and working in construction are true. First off, I am by no means raceist....but I mow lawns and there is this one company called United that is huge and has a ton of crews. Every single time I see a united truck drive by, there just happens to be 3 mexicans cruisin along-every single time!!
I think it might be a part of the culture, to work a lot or something.
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