Fostex MR-8

R. Shackleferd
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R. Shackleferd
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04/26/2005 8:57 pm
This is a digital 8 track that records to a flash card. I bought one because I was wary of trying to record on my computer and all the hassle associciated. See here.

*it's only $300 (new)
*it's digital, so edits like auto punch-ins and undestructive undo/redo's, and loops available
*built in mic for acoustic or crude practice recordings
*it's portable and can run on batteries, unlike your computer
*easy to use and figure out, manual helps for some things, but it's usable right out of the box
*has an amp simulator for direct in recording, along with reverb and delay
*flash card fits into computer, or digital line out for file transfers
*metronome function

*is limited in memory with included flash card (128MB), 24 mins of a single mono track, or 3 mins for all 8 tracks in normal mode (44.1 kHz,16 bit) or 48 mins mono and 6 mins for 8 tracks in extended mode (22.05 kHz,16 bit)
*seriously lacking in eq, only offers premixed settings (Natural, Poweful, Bright)
*only 2 track simultaneous recording
*made mostly of plastic, so don't drop it or step on it, and I've heard sometimes the buttons get sticky (this hasn't happened to me)

Overall review:
I've had it for almost a year now, and am still pleased with it. This thing is much more useful when using with a computer for file dumping, mixing, and burning. So expect to have some kinda mixing software. The tracks can be transferred back and forth by the way, so I'll only keep what I need at the time on the card. Or you can bounce finished tracks to free up onboard card memory. This will overcome most of the cons, and most recorders in this range are 2 track simultaneous as well.

So if your looking at some $100-$200 range tape multi-tracker, save a lil longer and go digital. Or if you really want one of those nice consoles with a burner included but can't afford it (me), this is a nice compromise. It's effects and amp simulator are by no means studio quality, but a band could easily polish up a cd demo. Or it's great for backing tracks for practice and getting down song ideas, like guitar tricks lessons perhaps.
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