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04/21/2005 11:00 pm
finaly got a chance to post on the boards heres a knew song finished the other day listen at
Big Cees Home

Lyrics for

Heart is where he's at

It takes time

To heal a broken heart

It takes time

To find out who, you are

And some times

When you find out where you’re going

Then you know

You were better off not knowing

Bu it’s better than where you have been

You know you still love him

I’ve set myself up for a fall

Or I wont have you at all

To say goodbye

It’s easier said than done

One more try

Is usually way more fun

Till the time

Your world comes undone

Then you know

That you never were the one

But that’s the way you are

And you’ll never change that

I wish I’d realize

Your heart is where he’s at

Wish I could find a way

To hide from all this pain

I knew it all along

What we did was wrong