Best as in most talented guitarists

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I reckon Hendrix, Clapton, marr, Page, Vai, Vaughn and Malmsteen
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God, aka Hendrix (of course)
Van Halen
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Alex Lifeson
Angus Young
Dave Gilmour
Brian May
Mark Knopfler
Tony Iommi...

the list goes on
To improve technique and of course trying to keep all as clean as possible. I know my own limits and speed limits and so on I never play anything I'm not capable of. That wouldn't make any sense. After three years of playing I tried to play everything as fast as possible and that sounded, I would say, like shit, and I didn't realize that if I'd play bit slower things than I was capable of playing then everything would sound much better.

--Aleksi Laiho - Advice to Play By
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1 Gary Moore
2 Albert King
3 Brian Setzer
4 Albert Collins

With all due respect to alot of others, SRV, would never be as popular as he is now if he were still alive. He was just following on Claptons coat tails. Claptons career was so far in the dumps he had to use BB King to get it started again. Maybe if he would start using heroin again he could write a halfway decent song. He lost his chops years ago, and anyone that would indorse such a piss poor signature strat (Using Lace Sensor Pickups) must only be squeezing the last small drops of blood from a once vibrant career.
Now someone like Brian Setzer, who could be at the top of the 80s bands, with the Stray cats, then in the late 80s and 90s put out some excellent,
but fairly unheard of solo material. Then he would go on to start a Craze (swing) all by him self, but never cop out and do the same comercial crap that has fallen so many. now this guy has ball the size of grapefruit, and the tallent to back em' up!!!
There isn't much that needs to be said about either Albert King, or Albert Collins. The "Master of the Telecaster", and the "King" of the blues. If you count anyone who has coppied these two gentelmen, then I guess there would be no one left to play except the **** that they call popular now. ie Wes Borland, Munky, Head of Korn, all the New guys that play the same licks that Albert King played back in the 60s only twice as fast and half as acurate. Most of todays Morons arn't fit to be a piple on the ass of the late great Albert King, or Albert Collins. Enough Said!!!
Now if I say this Man was one of the best Rock Guitarists in the 70s(with Thin Lizzy) and went on to have a solo career in Metal. Known as Europes version of Eddie VanHalen..Conquered the Metal scene in the 80s...Moved on to the Blues in the 90s, and has a tone that would blow your mothers panties off... Gary Moore has prooven himself in the last 25 years to be the Hottest Electric blues player on the planet.
Unlike most players he knows when NOT to play, and when TO play.... With a 1959 Les Paul, given to him by the ledgendary Peter Green. and a Marshall Stack...Gary Moore blows away ALL
challengers!!!! He has the tone Clapton and Vaughn always wanted. Just go to and listen to Still got the blues!!!!! That tone will make your nuts shrivel up...and on the new CD Back to the blues... There are no oters in his class!!!!!
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Have we had this sort of thread a dozen times or so ? It's not about who's the best or most talented, it's about personal taste and who rings your bell. It's a pointless excercise.

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