Any tips for a fledgling band??

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Hi people,

I've tried to start a band several times. only two have ever made it to a practice session and none have ever made it to playing a gig.

The most recent band that I've tried to start ( has broken up cuz the drummer decided that we weren't practicing enough. He was probalby right but it was hard to get together cuz we all go to different schools and we live about a half hour away from eachother. Plus... I'm homeschooled so I don't exactly know a lot of kids who play intruments.

I was wondering if you guys have any tips for finding band members. Also, since we are underage, and cannot play in places like bars and stuff, do you guys have any ideas of where we could play??

thanx for any help.

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When it comes to practicing, I tend to go overboard, because I like everything to sound just right, and thats not how most musicians feel, being that there aren't too many perfectionsists out today, (or so it seems.) As a musician I feel its important to come to a clear understanding of how everyone involved feels, pertaining to the project at hand...Sure, its hard to find the right people to work with whether or not your home schooled or public schooled, beleve me there will be many wasteful experiences as the years go by, but you just have to have enough persistence that the right people will come along. Put adds in the paper, make a few phone calls, and strike up conversations with complete strangers. Do whatever it takes, because the perfect band just might be right under your nose...

Now about that drummer...

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Well, once you get a band going, you can probably play shows at Teen Centers, Parties... just ask around. Also (though it probably depends on state laws), you may well be able to play at a bar/club if you're underage- provided your music fits their crowd... my band's main problem.
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Try finding a party near your area on Friday/Saturday night and play their amongst your friends.
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