5 Best Bands

Led Zeppelin
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5. Rolling Stones
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd
3. Eagles
2. Led Zeppelin
1. Beatles
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5. Black Sabbath
4. Pink Floyd
3. Rush
2. Led Zeppelin
1. The Beatles

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1. Led Zeppelin
2. Jimi Hendrix Experience
3. Pink Floyd
4. Queen
5. Guns N' Roses
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This should be a "favorite bands" poll, not a "best bands" poll.

Anyways, lately I've been listening to Megadeth (May 15th is almost here...), old Metallica, Nevermore, Tourniquet, Deliverance, Symphony X, and Testament more than anyone else.

I just ordered some stuff by Iced Earth, Sepultura, Savatage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and a couple of Nevermore albums I don't currently own today, so the list will no doubt be bigger soon.

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1 Deep Purple , till blackmore's retiring in the 70's
2 Led Zeppelin
3 Queen
4 Pink Floyd, altough i'm not a big fan of them
5 Ac/dc With bon scott
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ren hoek
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This is MY view!

1. Jimi Hendrix.
2. Double Trouble (SRV)
3. Black Sabboth
4. Zeppelin
5. ME hahahahaha

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To anyone who has Hendrix, SRV, and Zeppelin in their top 5, I salute you, I have way to many to put in the top five but I will attempt to do so.

#5-Gun's n' Roses
#4-Lynyrd Skynyrd
#3-Stevie Ray Vaughan
#2-Led Zeppelin
#1-the man Hendrix himself

But you can't foreget about Allman Brothers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, or AC/DC
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1- Children of Bodom
1- In Flames
1- Yngwie Malmsteen
1- Gamma Ray
1- Helloween

The order isn't important

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1-The Beatles
2-Led Zeppelin
3-Iron Maiden
4-Guns n` Roses
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1. Black Sabbath
2. Captain Beyond
3. Hawkwind
4. Uriah Heep
5. Journey (before Steve Perry)
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Does it matter what band is the best?

I like many bands and I think that they all are good.

1.Dimmu Borgir
1.Cradle of Filth
1.Dream Theater
1.old Metallica
1.Iron Maiden
1.Bruce Dickinson

By the way, you may have noticed that my english isn't very good.The reason is that I'm 13 years old and Finnish.

That thingie below should look like this:

|---| - - -- - - ----| --
| |\/| | \ | | | | | \
| | | |-/ |-| | |--| |-/
| | | | | | | | |\
|---| - - - - - |--| |---| | \

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5. Buckethead
4.(tie)Fear Factory/Pantera/Metallica circa 1983-1988
3. Queen
2. Anything Ozzy has done
1. The Hammer of the gods themselves Led Zeppelin

And one notable, Spinal Tap.
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1 Pink Floyd
2 Iron Maiden
3 Queensryche
4 Black Sabbath
5 Metallica
5 Pop Will Eat Itself
& many more...

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Sorry, one very important one i forgot to mention - LED ZEP!
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Actions speak louder than words...
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Well, my preferences have a tendency to change every now and then, especially after those long trips on interstate 95...1. I grew up up listening to The Beatles, fortunately my mom had such a great record colection, with my imediate re-action The first time I heard The Beatles I was hooked. Their songs are so down to earth, and once you hear them you just can't get them out of your head. These guys were great songwriters, and there will never nbe another band quite like them. 2. Led Zeppelin, when I was a young kid I wan'ted to be just like John Bonham, what attracted me was the power that this band possessed, once I started focusing more carefully on Jimmy Page's technique, I definitely gained the will to pick up guitar, and ever since I heard Stairway To Heaven for the first time Ive never put the guitar down. Led Zeppelin's music has changed my life in so many different ways, I'll never forget the impact their music has had in my life, and how their music continues to inspire me in more ways than one. 3. Soundgarden, when The Eighties came to a close, there weren't many new bands that I really dug, but once Soundgarden came along I was totally impressed. I swear these guys are equally proficent, they work well to together, and they refuse to folow the rules that have been handed down from day one. They created their own original sound and did whatever it took to perfect it and bring their creativity to its highest level of completeness. Toward the end of the eighties musicians were beginning to forget the difference between being a musician and a rockstar, these guys definitely woke everyone up. Chris Cornell's voice is amazing... 4. Metallica, if you like metal, this is the #1 band for you, they definitelyt know how to rock. Whenever my day takes me oin the wroing direction, I just put on my ride The Lightning Cd and forget all of my troubles, whats amazing band and they're so huge when they're live...5. Nirvana I love this band and everything they stood for, they totally diminated the air waves in the 90's, they didn't exactly destroy everything that came out in the eighties, what they did was they gave people something new to think about. And they reminded everyone what constituted a good rock song, and that everything wasn't one big competition..

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