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01/31/2005 12:25 am
yo whats up man
maken songs is just about as hard as it gets but dont get discouraged yet

cus its like this

if you make a song you can make another

so just get over the hill and your on your way bro!

ok so there are a couple considerations before starting you even turn on your amp man

you gotta decide if its gonna be an instrumental, blues, metal, jazz, two guitars/ a piano, ect.
so you gotta figure out what typa song you looken for

you gotta decide if you even want lyrics, what the lyrics with be about,

then you can sit down and start written an intro, and usually a outro also hehe

the body of your song and the what goes along with it (a solo and watnots with effects)

k man so if you can be more specific on were this song is supposed to go i can get more in depth with ya
k man sorry thats all i got right now with the information provided dude
k man rock on :cool: have faith
i beleive you can write this rocken song
so dont give up
When it comes down to it, our guitar's will always be there for us. :rolleyes: