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12/26/2004 6:03 am
hey guys
i am gonna try this again
and hopefully i will be a lil more open-minded :rolleyes:
let me just try to describe why i wrote this song
i am gonna sorta get right to the point ;)
theres a girl
and she is everything a guy can ask for but for some reason you just cant go out with her
well i have the music for it just not the words and i have been worken with some lyrics for a while ok here i go again:

The Way You Makes Me Feel
by Aaron
when i close my eyes, i begin to think of you
when i open my eyes, i am all alone

ok thats all i can thing of
anyone have any suggestions on how to think up words
cus its killing me
i have all these songs but no lyrics.......
any help will do :o
k thanks guys
When it comes down to it, our guitar's will always be there for us. :rolleyes: