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[font=trebuchet ms]Two replies - two very different voicings!

I roll off the bass because I use heavy strings and a 15" speaker. I haven't modified the tone stack in this amp, but I find it works well for bass too. With the bass knob set at any significant level on my rig, my guitar tends to stray into the bass-player's part of the spectrum. That can work well for rhythm, but lead parts should stand out, yeah?

I'm sure the guitar makes a big difference in the settings as well. With a DiMarzio PAF Pro at the neck, and a DiMarzio Tone Zone at the bridge, in a Yamaha SBG1000 (mahogany neck, mahogany body with maple top), my axe may well sound very different from SLY's or yours.

Personal taste is yet another variable in the mix. Let us know what you're running, and what combinations you find pleasing. [/font]
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