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Grizzled Spellchecker
Joined: 05/09/00
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Grizzled Spellchecker
Joined: 05/09/00
Posts: 2,233
12/06/2004 4:26 pm
Originally Posted by: Axl_RoseSo you think my post about my chick in the 'General' section shouldnt be there?[/quote]

Nope, I've never said anything about it; in fact, I think I even posted a reply in there!

Originally Posted by: Axl_RoseIts completely harmless me starting threads about my chick. Theres 10 pages of replies so I dont think you can claim its of no interest to anyone. Look at the politcal threads we get here!! Are they unwelcome?

There is nothing damaging or offensive about those posts. People like to give advice and tell there storys of past experiences, my chick thread has been popular. Perhaps i could just live my like based on the opinions of my close friends where I live, but I thought Id ask you guys.

If you want me to never mention her again then I wont. If you want me to stop posting then I'll stop also. Im not claiming to be saving these forums from lack of activity.. but come on, a lot of people dont start threads and so the function of a forum isnt fufilled.[/quote]

Again, please reread my post above and understand what exactly I was trying to get across to you.

[QUOTE=Axl_Rose]And as for quality... not quantity. I think thats a bit unfair. I see some posts that seem a bit tedious but I dont insult them and wouldnt close them if I could.

Unfair? What was unfair? I'm a bit lost here, I guess. Not sure what you're referring to.

[QUOTE=Axl_Rose]Oh and eggman, there isnt a hope in heck of you deterring me from standing up to moderators!

There opinions are worth no more than mine. There was no need to close that thread. I seen a lot worse go unclosed and it was a harmless thread anyway.

Please note that I said nothing about:

(a) my opinion on your thread, or
(b) wanting to deter you from "standing up to moderators".

All I said was that you shouldn't expect it to get you anywhere. I was not the one that closed your thread. I'm not expressing my opinion on whether or not it should have been closed, and I leave that entirely in Raskolnikov's hands, and will not go over his head to reopen it.

Again, please reread my original post in this thread. If you have a complaint and want to express it, there is a way to do it (a) which will get you heard, and there is a way to do it (b) which will get you ignored, or worse, completely bashed by all moderators and many forum members. You have chosen option (b) in this case. If you want, try again using option (a). That will involve an amount of thought before posting as well as being able to formulate a convincing and logical argument.

Axl, dude, I have nothing against you. I'm just trying to help you prevent yourself from getting the proverbial anvil dropped on your proverbial head from a proverbial 20-storey building. Don't reply to this post in a huff; just read it and try to take my advice, please!
... and that's all I have to say about that.

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