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Jolly McJollyson
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Jolly McJollyson
Chick Magnet
Joined: 09/07/03
Posts: 5,457
10/27/2004 6:49 pm
this is a little powermetal/thrashmetal ditty I made up (hetfield style vocals):
I'm not sure if I'm going to call it "Destoyer of Worlds" or "Windows XP" it's not finished, I haven't written all the verses and haven't thought of a chorus yet... besides, this one is only funny because it's so generic thrash metal...I wanted, when I wrote the first verse, to make it about a kitty.

Destroyer of worlds!
Harbinger of Terrooor!
Yes, he's back!
To correct his error!

Who can say as we run away,
What his eyes may SEE?!
Who can tell how to get away!?
Who can release me!?

The Maker of DOOM!
Bricklayer of sorrow!
Now attacks!
There is no tomorrow!

Missiles fly while the children cry!
Solemn misery!
Crash of thunder, fire splits the sky!
A flaming canopy!

The seer of ALL!
"All-knowing," they call him!
The omniscient mind!
His soldiers exalt him!

We can try knowing we will die!
To resist his power!
Flash of blue now what can we do!?
It is the final hour!

Now open the GATES!!!
You don't have an option!
Give IN!!!
Surrender your conscience!

Here we thrash knowing we will crash!
Trying to resist!
Screen of blue screaming out at you!
Death blows a fatal kiss!

DESTROYER OF WORLDS worlds worlds worlds worlds
I want the bomb
I want the P-funk!

My band is better than yours...