Tuning a Floyd Rose!

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I've owned 2 and worked on another 2 and I can put my hand on my heart and say....they are a real pain !

I think they are great fun once you have them all set up and in tune...until it is time for new strings !!!

Am I considering a FR for my PRS...I am not !!!
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I didn't realize FR was such a pain until I got my ESP, then. Bleh. I am ready for a fixed bridge, too much pain and time working with the FR....
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Wow, i was thinking about getting a FR on my next guitar...you guys are scaring me away though lol! About how long does it take to restring a properly setup FR bridge? I dont have much exprience with them at all, and i was wondering if someone could explain in more detail how that Hipshot tremsetter works...thanks
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Never used Hipshot, so I dunno about those. It usually takes me about 9 Norther songs so... uhh... that's what? An hour? Hahah. Unless of course I decide to clean everything, that's another 30 minutes or so. (What can I say? I like to take my time...) But yeah, unless you have a good reason to get a FR, say you prefer locked trem or whatever, then they're worth the time if you keep the strings clean. Otherwise... I'd avoid em.
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It doesn't really take much longer than non-FR guitar to re-string , if you keep the same string gauge and tuning.
Most of the time goes to the cleaning , in case you haven't changed the strings for a while.

It's not that scary , if you wanna go wild with the tremolo , and you don't change the tuning oftenly, FR is the way to go.
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Yes, like our venerable Dr. Simon pointed out, Floyd Rose bridges are really worth it once you get them properly set up. When I had mine set up right it hardly ever went out of tune, even with serious bending and whammy stuff. If it's your first FR guitar, I'd recommend you get an "expert" to set it up for you. A fret dressing really helps with the playability too.

My next musical purchase will be a fixed bridge guitar, so I can do drop tunings without having to worry about the whole thing going out. But I'm going to keep the FR guitar for more technical playing.

....From the photograph on that hipshot page I can't really tell where the other end hooks on. It just looks like a long needle thing.
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