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Jolly McJollyson
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Jolly McJollyson
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09/21/2004 5:34 pm
Here's a little ditty in the style of Frank Zappa Fusion Jazz/Rock I like to call:

I Found it in a Crackerjack Box

Shuggadugga Shuggadugga Shuggadugga Shuggadugga SHOOOO!

Crinkle CraCK!!!
Said the box as I sifted throuuuuuuughh it.
I could hardly contain my excitement.

Not ooonly
Were the carmel covered candies COpiously conjooooiiiiined via the sticky-sweet SUBstance

but INside the box there ALSO lay a priiize!

I reached down into the bottom
and I popped the last candy in my mouth
You can imagine my surprise
when a LEPRECHAUN lept out!!!

he said "Don't you wish upon star!"
(backup voices)
Maakes no differeeeence who you aaaaare!
(A.k.a. play the root and bend the 7 below it up to the root simultaneously)

But nobody would listeeeeen
Nooooobody would listeeeen
People over in their houses PUTTIN on their socks!!!
They WOUldn't listen to what I found in my CRAcker jack BOX!!

He said, again, "no star wishin my man!
"Cuz if you DOooooo it
"I said CUZ if you DO IT!
"Nothin good will stand!!!"

So the Leprechaun lept up on the table!
To show he was willing and able
He didn't raise much noise
And it was, as a matter of choice,
the oddest thing I've ever seen.

So I shouted at the top of my lungs...

I wish...
I wish

I wish for the world!!!!
(Violin solo)
I WIIIISH for the WOOOoooorld!

And he said, "you've got it
"Just step outside."

(Keyboards run up the A melodic minor scale for two octaves at 32nd notes at 100 bpm)

I stepped outside and saw the stairway before me.

I began to cliiiiiiiimb
(backup singers)

(tapping solo, my drone is on the 12th fret of the E string and I move my left hand up in six note bursts the first of which are (beginning an octave below where I'm droning the high E) E-F#-G E-F#-G, F#-G-A F#-G-A, G-A-B G-A-B, etc.)
(during the solo, these spoken lyrics come up)
These stairs are hard to climb.


Gatorade lied about energy replenishment...


Finally, I said, as the stairs were behind
And I knew in a second it was matter, not mind
that had gotten me up them.

Because as I looooooooked back.
I could see there were really only nine stairs.
And I turned around to seee
What the LEPRECHAUN had given MEEEE

And then I stopped.
I want the bomb
I want the P-funk!

My band is better than yours...
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arcane science
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arcane science
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09/21/2004 6:33 pm
For some reason the beginning of your song made me think of that "Come Together" song. But yes, the solo part seems quite awesome, along with the storyline with the Leprechaun and the Cracker Jacks. I'd say it's quite entertaining.
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Grizzled Veteran
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09/29/2004 5:54 am
Another fine effort there Jolly, I've neglected this forum for far too long. Perhaps I'll post some of my own works on here soon.
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