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Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 08/16/01
Posts: 532
09/17/2004 12:13 am
I must have missed this RIAA discussion, but I'm going to take a guess
that it's about the thread where you would download a song and review it?

So then I have a question for you all:
Is copyrighted material illegal to download in your country?
Because it's not here in Sweden. Yet.
As long as it's for personal use, it does'nt matter if it's copyrighted.
They are however changing that, so it will become illegal January 2005,
but the ISP's will still not be allowed to give out information on who's
downloading what, so they'll still have a hard time tracking down individuals.

Now rants about this world-wide downloading issue:

The argument most downloaders have is that CD's are becoming increasingly
expensive. In Sweden, we have one the highest prices on CD's in the world,
it's twice the price in most other countries.
I think that argument is just (insert foul word of choice)!!

I mean, how many CD's does the average person buy?
One a year, one a month, what?
It can't be that many that you have to download them to avoid poverty.
I'm a frequent downloader, it's not about that (hehe it's legal here so
you can't catch me!), but lets face it:
It's not the high prices, it's cheapness and laziness!
I mean, "I wont buy that expensive CD, so I go home and download
100 songs from other bands", come on!
Even if the prices were reasonable most of us would'nt buy them.
Why should we, it's free and you don't have to leave the house.
So the people who work with music are having a tough time?
Well, what do we care? It's free for crying out loud!
However, the more you think about it, the more wrong it seems.
But does that stop us from downloading? No.
It's like watching a car thats about to crash on "Caught on tape";
You know it will end in disaster, but you still want to see it!
Ok, bad analogy, but you get the picture.

I do think downloading is wrong, but what am I gonna do, it's f r e e !
People are genetically lazy, thats a fact. For example,we've invented
millions of gadgets that does almost everything for us.
If you just remember to breathe once in a while you'll do fine.
Therefore, the word "free" has always had a special place in our hearts.
Free means "I don't have to work to get money to buy it, it's for free".
Then maybe you don't need 98% of the free stuff available, but it's still free.
But here we're dealing with something we really want:
music, movies, games, books, software, you name it, and when all that is
suddenly available for free, most of us don't care about the consequences,
especially when it's unlikely that the consequences will affect us.

I don't have a solution, but I have facts.
And that concludes thursdays rant. Oh and the question to.