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Tis true, what you guys are saying. i played for three years and the theory was easier to learn on the piano before i let it go. it's easier to define every note looks the same way or in the same spot no matter where you play it but on the guitar you have the note in different positions on every string. the scales were easier to use and learn on piano. you can define sharps in just lokking for the black keys not on the guitar you just have frets and every one looks the same the only thing that is helpful on the guitar is the 12th fret dot or block which lets us now that we have went up a octave. some people say the dots help but what about classical guitar they don't have dots, and after you've been playing for quite some time you don't even have to look. but theory is way easier to understand on piano, i'm glad for that cause it has made it more easier for me to learn alot of other stuff.

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