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Hi everyone! We recently released an entire playlist full of famous guitar riffs for you to learn. These short, bite-sized lessons are great as a warm up exercise, or a simple way to re-learn some of your favorite songs. All of these lessons are taught by the one and only Anders Mouridsen, who you know as an instructor right here on Guitartricks and as the guitarist for Grammy-nominated country singer, Cam. 

Each of these insanely catchy famous riffs are taught in a brand-new lesson that focuses solely on the key aspect of each song. For The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” Anders will show you the iconic riff that is used in sporting events, films, and more. Other songs may not be as obvious, like “Hey Joe” from Jimi Hendrix. In the “Hey Joe” lesson, Anders will show you the entire first chord progression which features a number of fun embellishments and fills. In the “Hotel California” riff lesson, Anders will show you how to strum the basic progression of the intro and the verse, which is instantly recognizable. You will first learn the open version of this intro using barre chords and open chords, and then you’ll learn the version that requires a capo, which may sound a bit closer to the album.

Every lesson in our famous guitar riffs section will focus on the most iconic portion of the song, and we’re really happy to finally share this all with you. There are 21 famous riffs to learn and surely, more to come in the future. Why wait? Get started learning your favorite riffs right now by clicking the banner below.

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