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The Guitar Tricks Method Makes Learning Easy & Fun!

Everyone can learn with Guitar Tricks

Our teaching method can turn anyone into a confident guitar player.

Members report learning 50-100% faster with Guitar Tricks, and 97% would recommend Guitar Tricks to a friend.

That's because our unique system for teaching guitar is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Complex musical concepts are broken down into short video lessons that are easy to understand.

As you proceed through our video lessons you will be learning how to do things you never thought you could, while having FUN along the way!

Step-by-Step Method

It's easy to get distracted when learning guitar.

Free YouTube videos seem great, until you realize 90% aren't any good and all your practice time gets wasted searching for videos.

In-person teachers look like a good option too, until you realize how expensive they are and how limiting it can be learning from one person.

Guitar Tricks uses a step-by-step curriculum of connected videos, so you never get stuck and you're never lost. Each lesson builds on the last one, getting only slightly more difficult.

Stick to our step-by-step lessons and you won't believe how fast you are able to learn.

You're never alone

With most online guitar sites you're completely on your own.

What happens when you can't figure out why a chord doesn't sound right? What about when you are feeling stuck and need some encouragement?

At Guitar Tricks our number one goal is to make you a great guitar player.

You can ask instructors questions, get feedback and chat with fellow members, or give us a call and talk to a real guitar player.

With Guitar Tricks you are never alone on your guitar journey!

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the easiest system


The Core Learning System is a step-by-step series of video lessons that takes you from an absolute beginner to an intermediate guitar player. Each video is slightly harder than the last, so once you can play and understand something you click ‘next’ and go to the next lesson. Thousands of people have become guitarists with the Core Learning System.

the best songs

learn to play your favorite songs

Guitar Tricks® has over 700 popular song lessons for guitar, more than TWICE as many as the nearest competitor! Almost every popular song you will want to learn

Our instructors show you every section of the song, note by note, and even teach you how to get the proper tone for a song. At the end of each tutorial there's a play-along video with a full backing band!

If you're a beginner be sure to check out our Songs Made Easy section, where we teach simplified strum-along versions of all your popular songs!

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