Tutorial by Anders Mouridsen

Love In Vain

The Rolling Stones Begin Tutorial

Anders will show this cover of the classic Robert Johnson blues tune. You'll learn the lonely acoustic that opens the song, the altered 12 bar form, the very moody electric slide guitar in the mix that adds a lot to the overall vibe and how to imitate the sound of the mandolin heard on the original recording. The guitar parts in this song are very loose and jammy, but at first we'll condense both the acoustic and electric parts into a more concise part that we can break down practice. Then after that I'll show you how to approach all the different variations that they use throughout the song, so that ultimately you can come up with your own interpretation of these parts. We'll also talk about how to get both your acoustic and electric tones just right, how to use a capo to change the key and much more. The song is in the key of Bb, and the song features a slow 12/8 and the quarter note equals XX bpm. So let's get started!

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Anders Mouridsen
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