War Songs

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In these songs lessons, Mike Olekshy will teach you "Spill the Wine", by War. Mike will introduce the song then talk a bit about gear and tone before diving in to the main single note lick that is played throughout the song. Then we'll adapt the keyboard part to the guitar; we'll conclude with a play along performance and a "guitar karaoke" jam along.

Published: 05/15/2013 Upgrade

In this set of song lessons, Douglas Showalter will teach "Low Rider", by War. Douglas will introduce the song and talk a bit about gear and tones for you, then dig in to the main funk guitar line that occurs throughout the song. Next we'll break down the signature melody that is so much a part of this song, then teach you the bass groove as a bonus, for more funk. We'll end with full and single guitar performances, and a jam along.

Published: 06/26/2013 Upgrade

In this set of lessons, Hunter Perrin will teach "Why Can't We Be Friends", by War. Hunter will give a brief introduction to the song and a glance at gear and tones before he gets into the details of the first chord progression in the tune. After that, we'll get into the second chord progression; then we'll do a play along performance. We conclude with a "guitar karaoke" jam along where you take center stage.

Published: 08/28/2013 Upgrade

In this series of lessons, Joel Van Dijk will teach "The Cisco Kid", as made famous by War. Joel will give a song overview and talk about the funk tone before he digs into the opening lick. Then it's on to the main wah-based part and the chorus; we'll follow up with some bonus lessons on the theme licks in the tune. We'll cap it all off with a play along performance, then a jam along.

Published: 09/11/2013 Upgrade