Shinedown Songs

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In these seven song lessons, Lee Wanner will be breaking down the song "Left Out", as made famous by Shinedown. Lee will explain the tuning, tones, and effects first, then give you the scoop on the soundscape that also functions as the verse. We'll then examine the heavy riff that is the first half of the chorus, and then the second half of the chorus. Next we'll break down the bridge of the tune, and finish it up with a full performance play-along.

Published: 09/19/2011

In this metal song tutorial, Lee Wanner will be teaching you "Son Of Sam", as made famous by Shinedown. After the usual overview and talk about tones and tuning, Lee will break down the intro to the song and the verse riff and eBow. The pre-chorus riffing is next, followed by the two parts in the chorus. Lee will examine the bridge before he heads to the slide solo, then we'll do a play along and a jam along to finish.

Published: 09/05/2012