Rush Songs

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Dave will show you how to play the single electric guitar part in this song. An overdriven tone is used to play the epic power chord riffs, arpeggiated patterns and an angular solo.

Published: 04/14/2021 Upgrade

Dave will show you the two electric guitar parts in this song. Guitar 1 plays epic power chords and riffs throughout most of the song. Guitar 2 uses a clean and slightly chorused tone for the arpeggiated chorus section. Guitar 1 also plays an expressive guitar solo using the whammy bar.

Published: 04/22/2021 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 5 guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 is a heavily flanged crunch guitar that plays the signature lick of the tune. Guitar 2 is the main crunch electric guitar that digs into epic riffs throughout. Guitars 3 and 4 are clean electric guitars that arpeggiate and play staccato chord punches in the bridge. Finally, Guitar 5 is a crunch electric guitar that leans into a dramatic solo.

Published: 06/03/2021 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 5 guitars in this song. Guitar 1 is an acoustic guitar that plays the iconic riff in the intro as well as strumming the first 2 verse progressions. Guitar 2 is also an acoustic guitar that adds some arpeggiations in the opening verses. Guitar 3 is a lite-crunch electric rhythm guitar that appears in the third verse to play through the rest of the tune. Guitars 4 and 5 are lead electric guitars that play a harmonized solo.

Published: 06/10/2021 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 2 electric guitars in this song. Guitar 1 is the rhythm guitar that lays down an epic foundation of riffs throughout. Guitar 2 is the lead guitar that digs into some frenetic bluesy-rock licks in the 3 solo sections.

Published: 06/25/2021 Upgrade