Queensryche Songs

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In this series of lessons, we'll be learning the hit "Silent Lucidity" as made famous by Queensryche. This is an acoustic based, cinematic, and dynamic song that flows through a rich orchestral arrangement. It features some lovely arpeggiated guitar textures and a simple melodic guitar solo that plays more of a supportive role to the song. We'll explore acoustic guitar fingerpicking and arpeggiation, flatpicking on the acoustic, extended chords, and clean, chimey single note motifs. We'll also talk about how all these techniques provide cool textures that seamlessly incorporate themselves into a dense orchestral production.

Published: 01/10/2011 Upgrade

In this set of lessons we'll be teaching you the epic rocker "Empire", as made famous by Queensryche. This is a powerful, dynamic, and dramatic tune that features huge power riffs and an explosive guitar solo! We'll examine the tone and gear, the main guitar hook in the song, all the different harmony guitars that occur throughout, the use of double stops and pedal tones, the explosive guitar solo, and much more...and as always, culminating with a play along to a custom backing track!

Published: 01/11/2011 Upgrade