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Jimi Hendrix
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Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix

In this tutorial Tom will show you how to get the classic tone in this song. He'll show you the intro, the verses, the fills, the solo, and the classic ascending bass line. The song is in the key of E major and in 4/4 time with a quarter note of 84 BPM.

Published: 11/21/2017 Upgrade
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All Along The Watchtower (Hendrix) Jimi Hendrix

Dave will show you the 2 guitar layers in this song. There is a strummed acoustic guitar holding down the rhythm and an electric guitar playing rhythm fills and lead solos throughout.

Published: 01/16/2020 Upgrade
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Hey Joe (Made Easy) Jimi Hendrix

“Hey Joe” as made famous by Jimi Hendrix is a 60s rock classic with plenty of raw energy, powered by a simple chord progression. We’ve arranged this song in a made easy format for acoustic guitar with simplified chords and strumming.

Published: 11/04/2021 Upgrade