Incubus Songs

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Drive was a hit in the 90s- an alt-rock blend of acoustic guitar and hip-hop rhythms. We'll look at the structure of the song, show you how the song was written and performed on acoustic guitar. Drive incorporates jazz chords, a hip-hop rhythm, and a hypnotic slide guitar solo that is saturated by effects!

Published: 08/25/2009 Upgrade

In this song tutorial, Mike Olekshy will take you through the very cool tune "Nice To Know You", as made famous by Incubus. This is a hip, effected song with odd meters and interesting feel. You'll learn how to get the tone and how to dial in the effects for this song, how to play the main riff and get the feel of the odd meter phrasing, the clean guitar strumming in the pre-chorus and bridge, the variation on the main riff and ending to the tune. As always, you'll play along to the whole thing with our custom backing track!

Published: 01/23/2011 Upgrade

"Stellar" is a seriously cool song made famous by Incubus, with lots of intriguing tones, colors, and rhythmic movement. Douglas Showalter will teach you everything here, talking about the tones and use of effects as he moves through the lessons. You'll learn the bending and sliding in the verse, setting up the vibe of the song; the the simple four bar pre-chorus with distortion; the powerful progressive rock choruses using an octave pedal; the interlude with reverb and phaser; the bridge; and the ending with a bang! As always, we'll perform the whole song through with the "band".

Published: 02/07/2011 Upgrade