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Sugar We're Goin' Down is a pop-punk anthem made famous by Fall Out Boy in 2005. This tune is raw and hard-hitting yet melodic. You'll learn the verses and choruses, pre-choruses, change-ups in the song, what the two guitars are doing, and cap it off with a jam to the backing track. We're goin' down!

Published: 08/04/2010 Upgrade

In this series of nine lessons, Douglas Showalter will teach you the song "I Don't Care", as made famous by Fall Out Boy. Douglas will guide you through the main riff; the verses, choruses, and bridge; the solo; and the groove. He'll give everything a final polish with a full performance play-along so you can put it all together, the it's time to play the song on your own to the jam track.

Published: 05/10/2011 Upgrade