Creed Songs

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Dave will show you all the guitar parts in this song. There are several drop-D tuned electric guitars, two clean and one with heavy overdrive for rhythms, and a fourth that plays the wah-wah effected solo. The guitarist layers the parts with a variety of dynamics.

Published: 03/31/2021 Upgrade

Mike will show you the single electric guitar layer that switches between clean and high gain crunch sounds throughout the arrangement. The guitar is tuned to an open D5 tuning.

Published: 08/19/2021 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 2 electric guitars featured in this tune. Guitar 1 is a clean guitar that plays a gentle fingerpicked riff. Guitar 2 is a high gain crunch guitar that dig into some arena sized rock riffing.

Published: 09/23/2021 Upgrade