Cinderella Songs

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In this set of lessons, Michael Elsner will give you the low-down on the 80s hard rocker "Shake Me" as made famous by Cinderella. Michael will take you through the basic tones; the chord progressions in the verses, choruses, bridge, and underneath the solos; what the three guitars are playing in the breakdown; the short lick in the turnaround; then all three solos that occur in the song. As always, you can play along with a full performance with our custom backing track!

Published: 02/18/2011 Upgrade

This song tutorial will give you all the parts to "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)", as made famous by Cinderella. Mike Olekshy will guide you through the gear and tone, the acoustic guitar parts, the electric power "crunch" elements, the chorus arpeggio's, the solo, and then play through the entire song.

Published: 04/17/2011 Upgrade