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Lisa McCormick gives you a complete tour of this classic 70s hit by Cat Stevens, guiding you through the song form and chord structure, strumming rhythms, signature riffs, and the songwriting sensibilities. You get a full play-along at the end of the tutorial, plus a bonus lesson at the very end!

Published: 01/26/2010 Upgrade

In this song tutorial you'll learn "Father and Son" as made famous by Cat Stevens. This is a great acoustic song that is writeen as a conversation between - you guessed it - a father and his son. Douglas Showalter will lead you through this musical conversation, showing you the strumming techniques, the chords and rhythms for both the "father" and "son" sections plus the embellishments and dynamics that pick up through the song. You'll also learn the lead fills and main solo, and the put it all together in a performance play-through!

Published: 02/18/2011 Upgrade

In this set of lessons, Douglas Showalter will teach you "Moonshadow", as made famous by Cat Stevens. Doug will give an overview of the song then talk about the acoustic tone and picking; then he'll leap into the intro part and the A-section. Next up is the B-section of the song, followed by the half-time feel of the C-section. After learning the outro, you'll do a play along performance, then play by yourself in the jam along.

Published: 02/27/2013 Upgrade