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Bo Diddley
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In this blues tutorial, Anders Mouridsen is going to teach you the one-chord classic "I'm A Man", by Bo Diddley. Anders will tune you in to what makes a song like this tick, then how to get the tone. We'll look at how to tune your guitar to an open E tuning, where to place the capo, and how to play the repeating riff. Next up, Anders will teach the licks and soloing, followed by how to play the riff in standard tuning. We'll end things with a full performance play along, then a jam along where you take over.

Published: 08/08/2012 Upgrade

Henrik is going to show you how to play the classic song driven forward by it's classic beat, the Bo Diddley beat. It has just ones guitar, but it is an essential guitar part that has influenced countless of songs and is still being incorporated into modern day music.

Published: 09/04/2014 Upgrade