Blackfoot Songs

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We’ll learn the 2 guitar parts in this song, one of which will make use of a slide for some really cool solos! We’ll learn to play the whole song beginning to end, and as a bonus we’ll also learn how to mimic the harmonica solo on our guitar as well. This song uses galloping single note riffs & diads, power chord riffing, classic rock lead lines and slide guitar.

Published: 09/01/2022 Upgrade

There are 3 electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 is a clean guitar that plays the arpeggiated riffs and rhythms. Guitars 2 and 3 are the lead guitars that dig into searing licks and harmonies. This song uses open chords and barre chords, chord arpeggiation, and some aggressive rock soloing approaches.

Published: 09/29/2022 Upgrade