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Is it a ballad? Is it a rock anthem? My AM radio says yes! This acoustic intro is one of the most recognizeable intros in the classic rock catalog that sets a mood before flowing into one of the most muscular riffs to ever hit an arena in the seventies. Want a ballad that still rocks hard? Look no further. Want a heavy riff that still shows you have some sensitivity? Hang around with bad company and you'll get it. And oh yes, there's a harmony solo to show your musicality and an outro solo that shows you can also melt faces. What do you feel like?

Published: 04/05/2011 Upgrade

In this series of nine guitar lessons, Mike Olekshy will show you how to play the classic rock song "Rock and Roll Fantasy", as made famous by Bad Company in 1977. Mike will explain the gear and tone, then show you the line played with an octaver pedal. You'll learn the rhythm guitar and trill, the verse and arpeggio chorus; then the guitar solo and the song outro. As always, we'll play it all though in a final full performance; then it's your turn to jam with the backing track.

Published: 04/17/2011 Upgrade