Blues Songs

Blues is one of the parent genres of western music, having given rise to a number of popular subgenres while also serving as a foundation for a lot of today’s rock and pop music.

Today’s modernized blues style is heavily characterized by pentatonic lead patterns, 12-bar rhythm and a thick guitar presence, usually electric. The blues sound is emotional, driving and often laid over a syncopated rhythm with a simple time signature.

It’s often recommended as a good genre for guitar players to learn, simply because it’s foundational to such a wide swath of today’s music.

B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton are just a few of the most influential blues guitarists of the modern era.

Blues Songs

info title artist style difficulty instructor
Eric Clapton & BB King blues Tom Finch
Otis Rush blues Tom Finch
Muddy Waters blues Tom Finch
T-Bone Walker blues Tom Finch
B.B. King blues Henrik Linde
The Allman Brothers blues Anders Mouridsen
Muddy Waters blues Anders Mouridsen
Robert Cray blues Tom Finch
Jimmy Reed blues Jinx Jones
Sonny Boy Williamson blues Tom Finch
Howlin' Wolf blues Tom Finch
B.B. King blues Anders Mouridsen
Howlin Wolf blues Anders Mouridsen
The Fabulous Thunderbirds blues Mike Olekshy
Muddy Waters blues Tom Finch
Eric Clapton blues Anders Mouridsen
Son House blues Anders Mouridsen
Muddy Waters blues Mike Olekshy
Albert Collins blues Anders Mouridsen
Stevie Ray Vaughan blues Anders Mouridsen