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Guitar Tricks Full Access Subscription delivers the ultimate guitar learning experience by providing the tools required to take your skill to the next level - and beyond.

With unlimited access 24/7 to high-quality lessons crafted by our top-notch team of expert instructors, you get all the knowledge and guitar wisdom, with none of the pressure and frustration. We allow you to grow and reach your full potential at a pace that is comfortable, with courses that make the most sense, according to your skill level and area of focus.

features guitar tricks in-person other sites
lessons Over 8,000 with more added daily 1 Per Week 1,000 - 3,000
songs Yes! Over 400 with more each week Depends Tred selection of 100 songs
BEGINNER PROGRAM Step-by-step Core Learning System designed for beginners Boring & repetitive exercises. No fun! Focused on advanced players. Too hard!
GUITAR LEARNING APPS Yes! Five free apps to make learning more fun! No Sometime
INSTRUCTORS +45 1 1-45+
JAM STATION Yes! Jam along with a backing band. No No
GUARANTEE 60 Days - There's No Risk No 7 Days
TEACHING STYLES Short lessons that get right to the point. Frustration-free! Good guitar players can't always teach Long videos where instructors say "um" a lot and waste time
PRICE As Low As $14.91/Month. That's 49 cents a day! $240/month For only 4 lessons! $19.95/Month Pay more for less?