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Open String Lick in E

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Here is an open string lick in E that I came up with. It is very bluesy sounding so it fits well when improvising on a country/rockabilly or blues chord progression. Use it over an E/E7 chord while improvising or simply use it as a cool little open string ending.

And remember to keep your fingers from hitting strings other than the one you fret on to make to notes ring together.

For the last four notes just grab a regular C cowboy chord shape moved up four frets to get the E chord with both the minor (open G string) and major third (G# on the D string). Observe the strumming this chord doesn't sound too good because of the clash between the minor och major thirds. The only thing the sounds good is hitting the minor third first and then the major third, a typical blues move.

I use hybrid picking but regular picking works just fine too! Experiment with the fingering to find the most comfortable and the best sounding solution for you.

Good luck!

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Instructor Ben Lindholm