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Bad Moon Rising

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For Guitar 1, I’m using a Les Paul tuned one whole step down, set to the bridge picking for a clear, powerful sound.

Guitar 1 Tuning: (low to high): D G C F A D

For Guitar 2, I’m using a semi-hollowbody guitar set to the neck pickup for a warmer, rounder tone.

Guitar 2 is tuned to standard tuning.

The combination of both guitars gives a wall of sound that creates a killer vibe!
A Fender tube amp is the best choice to replicate the electric tones in this tune. Dial it in for a slightly overdriven sound. Start out with the Preamp Gain to around 50%, Bass to 50%, Mids to 55%, Treble and Presence to 65%.

Add a touch of reverb to all guitars for depth.

For both guitars, I’m using regular light gauge strings that are 10-46 along with a heavy pick. That said, if you have a guitar you’d like to keep in a full step down tuning, I recommend experimenting with slightly heavier gauge strings – perhaps 11-52 or even 12-56.

Fender Deluxe Amp Model:
Gain: 70%. Bass: 50%. Mids: 55% Treble: 65% Presence: 65%

Tube Screamer (Guitar 2):
Gain: 40%. Tone: 50%

Spring Reverb:
Wet/Dry MIX: 35%

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Bad Moon Rising
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