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Revolution 2014

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The chorus is very much based on the verses and we're using more of our boogie patterns here, but notice that the rhythm opens up a bit and is less palm muted.

Also notice that the changes are quicker here, just a bar on each chord till we get to the turnaround.

And the beauty of the steadiness of this part is that it will allow for the other guitar part to be a bit more free and throw some different licks and rhythms around.

Really great complimentary playing between the two parts. So you'll go B to E. And you'll do this 3 times and then go to our 5 chord turnaround.

So I'm playing a little melodic riff here, starting with the open E string. Then hammer on from the open A string to the C# on the same string, then play the D string open.

Next we vary it slightly by playing open E string again, but this time we hammer on from the C# to a D# and then grab the F# on the D string then we just repeat the two phrases again.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
Revolution 2014
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