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Revolution 2014

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Guitar 2 will play a really interesting rhythm part in the verses. And it's going to be pretty similar over the 3 different chords.

Remember to start the 1st verse by coming out of the intro lick with boogie rhythm for the first bar.

After that we're going to play a part based on double stops that really compliments guitar 1 very well.

Notice in the arrangement between the two guitars, that there's a lot of rhythmical contrast. But together the two guitars create a really interesting feel and groove.

One thing to really try get in your ears is that this part has a lot of focus on the AND of beat 1.

So you're actually not always looking to nail beat 1, which is often the case in rhythmic parts.

Here, it is crucial that you get the right feel of where the parts begin and end.

Because you don't want to blur the lines too much between the two guitar parts.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
Revolution 2014
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