Guitar Tricks 131: 5-String Sweeps

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This week we follow up Ben Lindholm's series on sweep picking. This is an advanced lesson but if you'd like to work your way up, Ben provides 2, 3 and 4 string lessons on the Guitar Tricks Channel. The arpeggio examples you'll learn here will have you sounding like a metal master and full-sweep madness will be yours!

The tip of the week is about the theory of the arpeggios used in the lesson. If you build a minor triad from the major 3rd of a chord, you'll get a neat major or minor 7th extended harmony chord sound.

If you liked this lesson on sweep picking, then GT has a lot of other lessons that cover the topic in more depth and detail.

Intro To Sweep Picking

Advanced Sweep Picking

Sweep Picking Series 5: Advanced Applications

Sweep Picking Series 6: More Advanced Applications

Instructor Ben Lindholm
GT Channel: Metal with Ben
Guitar Tricks 131: 5-String Sweeps song notation

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